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One of the areas where National Service & Support Inc. excels is in project management. Customers utilize this type of management to support them with all types of projects, from large to small. We have a proven record of meeting critical time frames on or below budget targets, while meeting your organization's business objectives.

Key Benefits

  • The management expense disappears after project completion  
  • Existing managers can concentrate on planning and operations  
  • Bias toward internal and external suppliers is virtually non-existent  

National Service & Support Inc. has a database of hundreds of certified project managers who have capabilities in almost every environment . Some of the more popular uses of project managers are:

  • SAP project management 
  • Software/network upgrades 
  • Implementation of new technology 
  • Business process re-engineering 
  • Information auditors 
  • LAN/WAN design and implementation 
  • Client server manager 
  • B-2-B business 
  • E-commerce 

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